This is a weblog with some basis in IBM/Lotus Notes & Domino software, when I feel like it or think of something that might be interesting. Other than that, we’ll see where this goes.

The views expressed in this blog are mine alone, and do not reflect the views of NextStep Technologies, LLC. If you think otherwise, you are mistaken.

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6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Gregg we met at Connect 2014 ( the Raining Beach party) and I was wondering if you had some time before your Motore Cycle ride ( which I hope is full of great memories) to discuss with us ( our tech guys) some issues we are having with Connections and decisions we are trying to make on moving to Linux..
    Can we arrange a time for a conference call if you had an hour ifree
    thanks in advance

    1. Gerry:
      As I am not a developer, I would recommend using the LotusScript debugger and stepping through the agent. Hopefully, that will point you to the problematic line and help you to correct it.
      — Gregg

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