Connect 2013 – With a Fitbit

Thought you may be interested in my statistics for the four days of Connect 2013:


I kept myself off the escalators as much as possible and had the Fitbit in my pocket from the time I woke up until the time I (finally) went to bed. Never once did I put the Fitbit in the washing machine. The activity also includes the Wednesday Night Party at Universal.

Visiting Two Parks – A Visual Treat

A friend of mine purchased, or was given (I can’t remember), a fancy watch. The GPS function will track his progress on the golf course, the road (he’s a runner), and, as it turns out, as he walks through amusement parks. With his family in tow. The first two pictures are of his travels through the Magic Kingdom.

The overall picture:


And then, the detailed picture of his travels through Magic Kingdom:


Yes, I find that “route” hilarious.

Finally, here he is, with his family, at Universal Islands of Adventure. He really wanted to see Harry Potter.


I need to ask him how far he walked. At both parks.