Florida in Winter – Preparing for Connect14

As a Northerner, nothing makes me laugh more than seeing the Disneybots in full winter gear on days where I am wearing a t-shirt. Yes, I get that the mornings (and evenings) can be “chilly,” but they come out in fleece, gloves, and hats when the temperatures dip below 70°F.

Which brings me to my point, be sure to check the weather forecasts leading up to Connect 2014. Right now, this is what I see:



The main days to watch are Sunday and Tuesday, when major events take place out of doors. However, remember, you will be outside as you travel from one hotel conference center to another.

To help you navigate the parks on those chilly days, here are some tips for visiting the parks when it’s cold.

Thanks, Barb, for the weather forecast.

2 Responses to Florida in Winter – Preparing for Connect14

  1. Roy Rumaner says:

    Um, shouldn’t that be Monday and Wednesday, not Sunday and Tuesday for the major outdoor events or did they change it last year (which I missed)?

    • Gregg Eldred says:

      The Wednesday Night Party has been moved to Tuesday, in order to allow the Kenexa (spelling ?) people to attend. And, AFAIK, the Sunday night “Welcome” party starts in the Product Showcase and moves to the beach area between the Dolphin and Swan. At least, that’s what they did last year.

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