How To Make Me Cry

. . . in frustration: Ask me to find IBM software on this site:


For a site that is used quite a bit, you would think that someone would be an expert at navigating it. Not so. I have said, in meetings with IBM, that it is “soul crushing.” Oh, I know what I want, it’s just finding it that kills me.

Which brings me to an idea I had for a session at a User Group Conference or even at Connect. It will be a panel of individuals from the audience and whomever from IBM that is responsible for this site. Someone will emcee the panel. All guests sit in front of a computer, at the Passport Advantage home screen. The emcee will ask the panel members to find and download an IBM software package. The first person to successfully do so will be deemed the “winner.”

I think that this session will take longer than the allotted time.

As an aside, my co-workers know when I am using that site, based on the sighing and the language that emanates from my cube. What do I hear in return? “Passport Advantage?” Then laughter ensues.

Just kill me.

One Response to How To Make Me Cry

  1. olli k says:

    I truly hate that site! How can anyone make it so hard to simply “download a file from world wide web”? :/ It’s not even hard to find good examples. Just look anywhere and follow it to make it better 😀

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