Traveler and iOS 7

With the imminent release of iOS 7, are your Traveler servers ready to handle the new operating system? Traveler has to be at 8.5.3 UP2 IF4 and or later releases. New functions in iOS 7 may not be fully supported until later releases of Traveler.

To get the latest updates and fix packs for Traveler, go here.

Link: IBM Notes Traveler support for the latest device updates

One Response to Traveler and iOS 7

  1. Hans C. Koch says:

    Yup. Upgraded and happy. Installed iOS7 Gold/Final release and it works like a charm.
    Note that mails received from users in your Contacts will be shown with their Nickname/Shortname, by default (can be changed in Settings).
    This was a surprise to me, and probably not what users will expect and/or like.
    Centralized way of changing it? Probably when your MDM provider catches up…

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