CloudPro: Amazon WorkMail vs IBM Notes: Will it be a knockout fight?

You see, here’s the thing: no matter what you hear/see at an IBM event or from your IBM representative, there seems to be a disconnect between that message and the one you read on the internet. A chasm, if you will.

The public cloud market has coalesced around three big players: Amazon, Google and Microsoft (and that’s despite what other vendors have to say about the matter).  Of these, Amazon has established a massive lead leaving Microsoft and Google to play catch up.

Wow, “three big players.” Not one starts with the letter “I.” Interesting.

However, when you do read about IBM, it is never flattering. Nor is there any mention of something like “Verse,” since the analysts weren’t invited to ConnectED (regardless, you have to wonder about the amount of work IBM *is* doing with analysts when some/most/all have no idea about Verse). And even if some were at ConnectED (and there were), the number of press releases equaled zero.

And, as such, you get this:

The very fact that Amazon has got WorkMail off the ground (it’s expected to be launched in Q2 of this year) is an achievement in itself and in a week in which IBM got stuck into its layoff, sorry, restructuring programme, it’s a reminder of the nimbleness with which Amazon can move.

IBM itself had its own enterprise mail system but who talks about Lotus Notes these days? It’s still with us (as IBM Notes), but does anyone see it as a contender in a world that’s shifting to cloud. Amazon understands that perfectly and that’s why, despite the caveats, WorkMail is sure to attract a number of users later this year.

Not one mention of whatever IBM is calling their cloud service these days. Nothing about Verse, which is pretty much all that IBM is featuring (to whom?), and continue to point out IBM Notes. I am going to say that, in retrospect, IBM should have killed the “Lotus” brand long before they actually came around and did it. It seems like there is way too much baggage with that name, and it doesn’t seem like it is abating.

Finally, how is it, in an article dated today, that this individual knows nothing about Verse? Especially since it’s been Priority Number One for months, probably a year, with IBM? Perhaps it’s that no one even considers IBM, let alone try to find any message coming out of Armonk?

No one, it seems, but the faithful. As noted by the one, lone, comment.


Link: CloudPro: Amazon WorkMail vs IBM Notes: Will it be a knockout fight?

Author: Gregg Eldred

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4 thoughts on “CloudPro: Amazon WorkMail vs IBM Notes: Will it be a knockout fight?”

  1. That bit about the press releases is still the strangest part to me. The least expensive part of the entire ConnectED conference should have been writing up and posting press releases. They have people whose job it is to do that. (Unless they just got the axe.) It might not have made a huge difference, but hell, I do a better job of self promotion than that.

  2. IBM was always very weak when it comes to marketing their products to the public. The strength of IBM was always to sell their products to big companys. But i am afraid the loose this capability more and more

  3. I see a handful of press articles dated during Lotusphere but a search for WorkMail (strangely close to WorkPlace) reveals many more.

    Yes it seems marketing is not in the forefront of this process. Design has been their push

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