And so, here we are . . .

On March 3, 2005, I started blogging, using the Blogosphere template running on Lotus IBM Domino. That first post was titled “Is this thing on?” Back in those days, you usually saw a “Hello World” type post, and that was mine. I didn’t think that a default post from WordPress, titled “Hello World” would actually be my first post on this new (to me) platform.

But it was.

Oh, well, live and learn.

Beginning with my posts appearing late, or not at all, on PlanetLotus, (everything indicated it was bad RSS, but there was no way I was going to be able to troubleshoot that problem) it was time to examine my options. Upgrade the Blogosphere template? Use the blog template in Domino 8.5.x? Look elsewhere? After consultation with a few people who have faced this very same crossroads in the past, I decided that I would move to WordPress.

And so, here we are.

Hopefully, I will be able to handle the migration of my old blog here. But, if not, there is no reason why my old blog cannot continue to live on my Domino server. After all, there is nearly eight years of “me” and “you” on that blog. Four thousand four hundred twenty-one posts. Two thousand four hundred sixty-eight comments from you, my dear readers. That’s a lot of history. And Google searches.

Thanks for reading.